VII Interactive: Spiritual Connection to Photography Workshop
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VII Interactive: Spiritual Connection to Photography Workshop

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Instructor: John Stanmeyer
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In this time of confined existence, it is a most astonishing moment to self-reflect and dive deep within ourselves, within the small world we inhabit–our home or within 100 meters where we exist. There are endless stories to tell. During this restricted lifestyle, a universe of possibilities we often are not able to feel, to see, we become better photographers. It presents us with the opportunity to become more deeply connected storytellers for when the world reopens.

Every place and space has a story, even the walls around us and the ground beneath our feet. During this time of confinement, our stories become that of how we live, where we live, and what we feel–things that we are often too distracted to see. Who are your neighbors, and how do you interact at a distance? What do you see outside your window–an unsafe world where you cannot venture, or myriad exciting possibilities for the future?

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