VII Interactive: Bookmaking Online Workshop
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VII Interactive: Bookmaking Online Workshop

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Instructors: Philip Blenkinsop and Daniel Schwartz
Price: $2,000 Special Introductory Price of $1,200
Location: Online


The workshop addresses the critical period between the last phase of a photographic project and the moment when you decide to look for a publisher. In other words, the period when you need to exercise the author’s authority but still want to listen to those with experience in making books.

At times, this period can be marked by mental exhaustion, self-doubt, and disorientation — all of which, per se and in the realm of a book especially are not negative emotions. Nothing you had envisaged in the field seems to work when projected onto pages. The best images, or those which you deem to be the best, prevent you from seeing the ones that matter. Gaps yawn in the narrative, and nothing is at hand to bridge them. You stare at your work and your work stares back at you. You are locked in a struggle that is neither stalemate nor armistice. What you need is a breakthrough, to see your work from the outside — a perspective not always within reach.

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