The Lost Rolls by Ron Haviv

The Lost Rolls by Ron Haviv

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Every photographer who worked during the analog age ended up at some point with a bag of stray rolls of film. Orphans. Lost.

Photojournalist Ron Haviv found over 200 rolls of undeveloped film in 2015—material spanning twenty years, and as many countries. When he had them developed and scanned, he encountered famous faces, close friends, and places of conflict—the stuff of his trade. Images of Northern Ireland riots, gangs in El Salvador, war in Kosovo, China, refugees, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and a wild mix of lost memories that forced the photographer to sit quietly while doing mental detective work to try to recover the context for these frames.

The film wasn’t perfect. In fact, the film was massively flawed. But it was beautiful. A blend of mold, pooling dye, time and fog, the film had transformed into one-of-a-kind analog artwork, representing some of the most important news stories in recent history.

The Lost Rolls is edited by Robert Peacock with essays by W.M. Hunt, Dr. Lauren Walsh and Ron Haviv.

The Lost Rolls comes alive in both this hardcover book as well as a softcover magazine publication, each offering a unique edit aimed at complimenting their specific format.

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