Moscow Nights
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Moscow Nights

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Moscow Nights is a riveting photo essay on Moscow's nightlife by world-renowned photographer Antonin Kratochvil. In this first issue - of which only 1,500 copies were printed - he sequences a voyeuristic tour through the decadence and hedonism of a night out with the new "Golden Youth" as they enjoy their spoils. Through black & white and color photographs, Kratochvil captures everything from go-go dancers performing onstage to club-goers cavorting aboard a yacht formerly owned by Stalin. Throughout the feverish nighttime journey, Kratochvil also exposes the reader to a much deeper social commentary on a generation coming of age in Russia's capital city during a time of tremendous change.

PHOTOGRAPHER: Antonin Kratochvil
FOREWORD AUTHOR: Michael Persson
FORMAT: Hardcover
PAGES: 119
PUBLISHER: Galerie Pecka

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