Analog Berlin Workshop (August 10 - 17, 2020)
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Analog Berlin Workshop (August 10 - 17, 2020)

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Instructor: Linda Bournane Engelberth
Berlin, Germany
Dates: August 10 - 17, 2020
Duration: 8 Days
Class Size: 8
Skill Level: Advanced amateurs, semi-professionals, and professionals. Students should be proficient at operating a film camera.


Are you a photographer that likes to work with an analog camera? This workshop is for you. Over the course of eight days, you’ll shoot a photo essay with a 35mm or medium format camera. The workshop will take place close to one of Berlin’s film labs so that you can shoot during the day, deliver the films in the evening, and pick up scanned files the next morning. You can choose to shoot an art or documentary story or work on a personal project. The work will be screened publicly on the final evening of the workshop.

Linda has made Berlin her second home, and has developed a special fondness for this dynamic city, a diverse playground for artists, musicians and the creative industry. Berlin’s past and present will impact your personal narratives. The focus of the workshop is to help you find a unique personal voice in your work and return home with a new way of seeing your images and the world of photography. With Linda’s guidance, you’ll learn to shoot more deliberately and make the most of every roll.

Linda has been shooting with film on her own personal projects for many years. She believes that the power of working with film is that you slow down while taking photos; you become be more deliberate. These skills transfer to digital photography, and enrich your practice. During classroom lectures and presentations, she will reference the great practitioners of film photography so that you become more familiar with the aesthetics of analog photography.

Please note: You are expected to bring your own film camera and light meter. You’ll be able to buy film at the lab, but please give us an estimate of how much you’ll need so it can be ordered. You’ll be responsible for the cost of film, developing, and scanning; this will depend on how much you shoot, but we estimate you will spend about $350 for the week.

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