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Winter 2016 Collection

The Winter 2016 Collection is part of a re-launch of the VII Photo Store. We have worked with the photographers to bring about a diverse and compelling collection of images that span 30 years, 16 countries, and many emotions. We have asked the photographers to recount their memories of the image, the moment it was captured, and why they feel it is one of their favorites. Our hope is that these stories will help you to further resonate with a particular image, perhaps providing you with inspiration, connecting you to emotions and memories of your own. Often times we find that images provide us with a new narrative that we can share when friends come to visit, when our colleagues gather, or when students yearn to understand more. 

From the first days of VII, our goal has been to bring about awareness that leads to positive change. We hope you will find this collection moves you in a more positive direction. We'd love to hear from you and learn about how you interact with photos in your life. Enjoy!

The entire collection is a special edition. It will be offered for three months only ending February 25, 2017. All of the images will be printed in the Direct Print On Aluminum Dibond method, meaning your photo is printed directly onto the white coating of the 1/8" (3 mm) thick composite panel. We use UV Fine Art inks for this state-of-the-art six-color printing process, which is optimized for photo printing. It produces vivid colors and sharp details. The 1/8" (3 mm) aluminum Dibond backing consists of a black polyethylene core sandwiched between 2 aluminum sheets coated platinum-white. 

A triple-layered composite material, it ensures stability while maintaining a low weight. Ideal for a gallery-quality presentation in any format. The print is cured under UV light, effectively protection your image from sunlight, contaminants, and moisture. This makes it suitable for sheltered outdoor areas or bathrooms.