VII Interactive: Project Development—Finding your Vision and Voice Masterclass
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VII Interactive: Project Development—Finding your Vision and Voice Masterclass

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Instructors: Ed Kashi & Julie Winokur
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Location: Online


With this online workshop, the participants will learn from Ed Kashi and Julie Winokur, who over the past 25 years have collaborated on major documentary projects looking at aging, healthcare, Syrian refugees and immigration, among other issues. The goal of this workshop is to inspire and push you to find what you are truly passionate about, create a structure to develop a long-term project, make the contacts that would be necessary to carry out your plan, and over a 6-month period provide feedback and support to accomplish your goals.

With steady guidance and expert advice, your work will grow in visual terms and importantly, you’ll learn how to produce a long-term project from start to finish. You’ll also learn the intricacies of formulating your passion into a workable idea, research methods, best practices for gaining access and creating trust with your contacts and subjects, and the importance of commitment to one project.

The importance of personal projects and long-term work is paramount to developing a more personal practice that will endure the tribulations of this profession; these kinds of projects also make you stand out. What’s important is to be clear on why you do this work, what your goals are, and how working in this mode will serve your personal and professional goals.

With editorial photography changing so dramatically, there has never been a greater need for the documentary photographer to be able to put a personal stamp on their work. In this masterclass, there will be an emphasis on helping students develop their personal vision and unique styles. 

As with most of Ed Kashi’s work, the ultimate goal is to learn how to find a subject you’re passionate about and document it in a compelling and unique visual.

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