No Man’s Land: Finding Your Authentic Voice with Nichole Sobecki and Anush Babajanyan (a women-only workshop)
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No Man’s Land: Finding Your Authentic Voice with Nichole Sobecki and Anush Babajanyan (a women-only workshop)

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Instructors: Anush Babajanyan and Nichole Sobecki
Max class size: 20
Group presentation language: English
One on one languages: English (Nichole and Anush), Armenian and Russian (Anush only)

This women-only workshop focuses on cultivating your own authentic voice through narrative and documentary practice. From idea to publication, participants will work on personal photographic projects that will be reviewed and critiqued in an interactive online environment by Nichole and Anush over a 10-week period.

Anush Babajanyan and Nichole Sobecki work in different locations and styles, but are united by a search for the personal and essential within the stories that they follow. Covering strategies to deepen your own vision, successfully pitch and execute stories, sustain your passion through practical business strategies, edit and publish, this workshop is a holistic guide to making images that refine and reveal who you are as a storyteller. Recognizing the varying dynamics of this moment, we will work with you to explore the narratives that exist within your own home, community, or city. Our bi-weekly lectures will also feature international photography professionals and editors to share their expertise.

This workshop includes:

  • Live one-on-one tutorial sessions with each participant to answer questions, review work, problem solve and provide general guidance on the production of your story.
  • Lectures and discussions on the following topics:
  • Creative development: identifying goals, productivity, concept development, and nurturing creativity through lifestyle
  • Story execution: pitching, developing a budget, production, and problem-solving in the field
  • Sustaining a business: Grants, residencies, assignment work, crowdfunding, print sales, and other sources of funding
  • Getting your work seen: Publishing, online presence, social media, promotion, and identity
  • The creation of a personal photography story from concept to publishing.

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