VII Interactive: Design and Identity Fundamentals Online Workshop
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VII Interactive: Design and Identity Fundamentals Online Workshop

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Instructor: Giorgio Baravalle
Price: $1,000 Special Introductory Price of $700
Location: Online


This workshop is geared to help photographers and visual storytellers understand the importance of creating a strong visual brand and identity. Each participant will be able to leave this workshop with a new website design and social media presence. This workshop will be geared to individuals interested in understanding and improving their brand visibility whether it be in printed or digital form. The workshop is also intended to foster confidence in your work resulting in an improved ability to understand, present, explain, and sell your work.

Do you have questions? How do you use Squarespace to your advantage? How do you edit your work to ensure you effectively communicate who you are? Do you have InDesign questions? We will help you find the answers through practice during the workshop.

Curriculum Vitae and biography preparation will be offered.

Guest appearances will be announced as the workshop proceeds.

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