VII: Iconic Prints

For the second time in the history of VII, we are issuing a special non-limited edition print sale of our best work. We chose to do this now as a celebration of the expansion of the agency and our continued commitment to telling critical stories worldwide.

For the past 40 years, photographers of VII Photo have sought out moments of dignity amidst social upheaval, war, famine, and other social concerns. Of the millions of exposures made by these men and women, a few photographs have risen to the top for their intensity, beauty, and power.

These are images that museums might call iconic or that collectors deem as valuable. To us, they are simply photographs that we are proud of, each a tiny fraction of a second where commitment to our subjects, a deep knowledge of the story, and all of the elements we can’t control fall into place at just the right time – and we were lucky to be there to press the shutter.

This very special edition of VII’s print sale celebrates those images.

Proceeds go to the agency to support our efforts.

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